So, the good news is that after years of minimal activity I'm working on again.

The bad news is that I'm doing it because I've been laid off.

Whether I like it or not, this site is a de facto part of my portfolio. Anyone with my name and email address (someone with my resume, for example) can find it easily. So here I am, spiffing it up so prospective employers and clients won't judge me based on HTML and CSS I wrote 7 or 8 years ago.

While am at, I've got a small stack of new material that I never quite got around to finishing. I'll be putting that up as time allows.

If things go the way they have in the past, I'll put up a few pages, then I'll find a job. I'll still be in creative mode, so maybe another one or two articles will go up after I start work. But eventually work will be taking up all my mental energy, and this site will sit here unattended for another five years or so. Which will suck.

But things don't have to go the way they have in the past.

The web has changed a lot since I started writing. People actually make money with their blogs now. Some even make a living. A handful even get rich.

So I'm setting up a paid membership system. This will serve a dual purpose. First, it will show prospective clients and employers that I can set up a effective membership web site. Second, it might bring in a little money. If it brings in enough money, I'll stop my job search, tell the fine folks at the California EDD to keep their $243 a week, and concentrate on my writing. Somewhere in between there will be a place where I split my time between writing and contract gigs.

To be clear, membership is a way for you to support this website, not a way for you to get something of real value. I do have some small thank-you gifts in mind, but they won't be anything major. You can check out the membership benefits page for what's currently available and what I have planned for the future.

One final note: you may have noticed that the PDF pamphlets that used to be available for some of the articles are no longer here. That's just because they need some clean-up and reorganization that I don't have the time for just now. When they are ready, they will be right back where they've always been. They are not going behind a pay wall. That's not the way I do things.