Sponsored Links

I'd like to generate some revenue, but I want to do it in a way that's respectful of my readers (or at least to the readers I want to keep). In other words, I want links to sites my readers will actually be happy to see. I don't think that's likely to happen with any of the usual providers, so I'm taking a more direct approach.

If you have a site I consider appropriate, $5 will buy you a 190x90 graphic link in the left column under the "Support My Sponsors" header. It will be after the existing links, but before the link to this page. I'll leave it there for at least 7 full days. The total number of links will be limited to what fits reasonably in that space, about 10. If you need a taller graphic, or more time we can talk about it.

Only image files (jpg, gif, png) are allowed. Animated gif's are okay if they're not too annoying, and not excessively large. Images should be at least as work safe as my site. If the target site is not work safe, the graphic should either indicate that or the link should lead to a work-safe landing page.

So that you can gauge whether or not this is worth the money: In September 2012 I got 71,941 page views from 8,896 unique visitors, according to stats from my hosting provider. That's after over 5-1/2 years without an update, and I have new content on the way, so I expect traffic to increase.

If this sounds like something you're interested in, drop me an email at james@jhuger.com. Put "[sponsor]" in the subject (to get through my spam filters). Include the following:

If everything looks okay, I'll send you a PayPal invoice, and your link will go on the site as soon as I get your payment.

Please note: this is very much an experiment. I will almost certainly change every aspect of this as soon as figure out what I'm doing. Don't be surprised if you come back three days from now and I'm not doing this anymore, or the prices have doubled, or I've switched to some dedicated secular ad service I've just discovered.