James Huber


Long-term stable employment developing full-stack, web-based software.

Part-time and work from home preferred, but I'm available for full-time work in a more traditional setting.

I'm located in North Oakland, CA. Relocation is not currently an option.


Sticker Giant (

A highly customized Miva Merchant store. This is a very high-volume site, so efficiency was a major concern. We bypassed the majority of Miva's standard front end. Customer requirements made page-level caching impossible, so we developed a system to cache page elements. These cached elements are automatically updated when the underlying data changes.

Foozamatron (

I created this site as a way to teach myself jQuery and AJAX. The back-end is PHP/MySQL on a custom framework I wrote for another project. The back-end creates and stores a "genetic code" for each blot. The code can be either random or based on one or more existing blots. The back-end then renders and stores a blot graphic using the core PHP image library. The front end is HTML and CSS animated using jQuery. Some controls cause jQuery to make AJAX calls to the back-end to generate new blots. The back-end is in complete control of blot generation and placement, communicating that information to the front end via AJAX, which jQuery code uses to update the front end.


Additional examples available by request.


24 years professional experience in software development. Experience in all phases of development: meeting with end-users to determine functional requirements, preparing proposals, developing specs, user interface design, coding, debugging, integration with third party software, preparing documentation, analyzing bug reports from external sources, and preparing upgrades and patches.

Application Types

Most recent experience has been with e-commerce applications in PHP and MivaScript. Prior experience with data collection and database front ends. Experience with third-party integration and data interchange. Some experience with medium- to low-level communication protocols such as SMTP and asynchronous.


PHP, SQL (mostly MySQL), HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, C/C++ (including CGI applications), MivaScript, Microsoft Access, COBOL, Pascal, Assembler, Visual BASIC, RPG II.


Basic image creation and processing using GIMP and Inkscape. Basically, I don't need to call the art department every time I need a button drawn or an image cropped or resized.

Employment History

Development Director

K1 Enterprises — January 2004 to September 2012

Produced fully customized storefronts using Miva Merchant as the back end. Back-end customization included designing, coding, and deploying custom modules, including modules to provide bridges to various third-party solutions and to stand-alone PHP scripts, typically for image manipulation.

Miva Merchant front-end customization included HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, and design and development of graphics (primarily navigation elements).

Produced fully custom e-commerce sites in PHP.

Produced in-house tools for task management and code management.

Had several web-based games in production when I left K1E.

Laid off due to corporate downsizing.

Senior Software Developer

Miva Corporation — January 2000 to March 2003

Designed and developed Internet commerce software, primarily Miva Merchant storefront software, using MivaScript (an XML-based scripting language), HTML, and JavaScript, with some C / C++ and SQL. Integrated various third-party services, including credit card and other payment processing and shipping. Prepared software for localization for the German market. Produced software tools for in-house use.

Laid off due to corporate downsizing.

Programmer Analyst

County of Sonoma — June 1988 to December 1999

Designed and developed a wide variety of software for the Sonoma County Criminal Justice System, including inmate tracking, commissary, court scheduling, and inmate scheduling.

Extensive work integrating third-party software and hardware systems, including mug shot capture, fingerprint capture, and patrol rounds tracking.

Extensive work converting COBOL legacy systems to C.

Worked primarily in C, SQL, COBOL, and Microsoft Access.

Left to take position at Miva Corporation.


Available on request.