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Membership is a way for you to support this website.

Membership benefits are my way of saying "Thanks for your support." You should in no way expect to get your money's worth.

Current Benefits

Possible Future Benefits

Which, if any, of these get implemented will depend a great deal on how many people become members.

What the membership levels mean

Not much. It's likely that everyone will get more or less the same stuff, but higher levels might get a somewhat better version. For example:

Membership duration

Memberships won't expire.

I reserve the right to restrict or terminate troublesome members. For example, someone caught posting member-only content elsewhere might have their membership revoked. Someone who is a jerk on the forums might be banned from the forums.

Some benefits might be a one-time-only benefit for new members that old members would only get for an additional fee. For example, if I get a bunch of stickers printed up, those might go to new members as part of their membership, but only be available to existing members who send me a buck to cover costs.