Dead to Rights

"Chick Tracts" are scary little comic books that promote an extreme Christian Fundamentalist view. Given the primitive quality of the art (in the ones I had seen) the absurd message, and the California address, I had always assumed they were the product of some local kook.

As it turns out, Chick Publications, Inc. is a major publisher of Christian propaganda with scores of titles in dozens of languages with distributors all over the world.  Far from being the product of some local kook, these tracts are the product of a well-funded, well-organized global cabal of kooks!

These tracts beg to be parodied, but it's not an easy job. They're so absurd to begin with that there's hardly any room for "improvement". Almost anything one might do to them makes them less ridiculous, not more. Check out "Last Rites" then look at my parody below and see what I mean.