A Call to Religious Tolerance

I have nothing against religious people. Hey, some of my best friends are religious. It's nobody's business what sort of ignorant, superstitious rituals they perform in their own homes and churches. No one should care what sort of bizarre mythical creatures they worship, or what kind of "holy" objects (statues, icons, and / or books) they revere.

Of course these religious people do need to show some restraint in public. I'll give you an example: I was at a nice restaurant with my wife the other night. There were these two guys at a table next to us. They looked fairly normal, but I thought by the way they dressed, and the way they styled their hair that they were "that way". So I kept my eye on them. Sure enough, as soon as their meals came they started praying right there at a table not ten feet away from us. How were we supposed to eat with that going on? Don't those people have special clubs or something where they can go?

What I really hate is the way they influence the media. I'm not talking about the ones with their own shows. I can spot those a mile away, and avoid them. I'm talking about the ones who sneak their insane agenda into supposedly factual news stories. How often have you seen something like this on the news?

Reporter: "You've just lost your house and everything you own. How do you feel."

Victim: "I just thank the LORD everyone made it out okay, especially my little foofoo."

Meanwhile, in the background you see the firefighter who actually saved little foofoo being treated for his injuries, with the LORD nowhere to be seen.

But I digress. My point is that we shouldn't hate these people, but pity them. We should try to help them see past their delusions when we can. When we can't help them, we should just leave them alone...unless they run for public office, or want to teach in a public school or...

Closed-captioned for the Humor Impaired

The preceding was a satire of the way people, even some liberals, talk about alternative lifestyles, especially homosexuality. Did it hurt? make you angry? Now do you understand why "those people" get upset when you think you're being perfectly reasonable?